Fire Fan

We have been the top trending app in the world 3 different times, currently ranking in the top 10

for sports apps worldwide, and top 100 in the general games category in 21 different countries

around the world, with top 500 status in the biggest markets around the world and that’s

competing against over 630,000 games!




Last year, we only supported 100 NFL football games. This year, we will support, between

NCAA and NFL football, almost 3,500 football games.

This is 35x more games available than

last year and that’s just a start. This year, between NFL, NCAA Football, NBA, NCAA Basketball,

MLB, NHL, and the release of soccer we will support up to 4 sports at once, servicing more than

30,000 games.

That’s 10x more opportunity than last year.

Plus going International in 2018.



we are offering a 9 week window for open enrollment, starting

September 15th and closing on November 18th at 11:59 pm MST.
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To just be a player and earn prizes  look below.

                             player code.... sdapps

                           You need to get in this league with me. The league name is sdapps Download the FireFan app and come play. It's a blast!
I'm also playing in this league
The league name is Big Dummy Lake League  Download the FireFan app and come play. It's a blast!
 Baseball in this league
The league name is Baseball Nut Download the FireFan app and come play. It's a blast!

                       Pre Game Picks Guess which team is going to win
                                      win points, earn rewards
                           trade those rewards for Merchandise
                 Amazon Gift cards, Bass pro  American Airlines, Vacations, just to name a few.


  You will receive enough tokens to play three games.---FREE

Then you can click on a few ads in the app and earn more tokens

Pass on to your friends so they have a chance to win also.

Earn tokens by sharing. Everyone who downloads the free app gets to play 3  free games.

After that tokens are cheap, just watch an ad.


To contact me-click the button

          Kenny Konechne-
        Farmer/Rancher from
             Kimball SD

I'm an Independent promoter of this free App.


This is a personal website for private use. This is not part of Fire Fan's or any other companies website..

  This will make the pokyman go,
     Look boring and rather slow.
 While Fire Fan comes out bright,
    Pokey man will be like a burnt out light.
 Fire Fan will be where real players play,
    And all the players will want to stay.
This is really a lot of fun,
   To measure it I'd have to say a ton.
Chatting with my friends in a game is a blast,
   And it doesn't matter If I come in last.
I can even chat with the Foot Ball Greats,
 And join their league with other team mates.